Apple has released a new app for Android users so they can access Find My functions and nearby AirTags.

Apple AirTag

The ‘Tracker Detect’ app has officially launched and can be downloaded on the Play Store. Initially, only iOS users were able to get notifications if an AirTag was found nearby. Android users however, were left in the dark and unable to get alerts if an AirTag was near the vicinity.

The app gives Android users a chance to detect nearby AirTags, but setting it up will require a few minutes. After the app is installed Android users can open it and then do a scan of active trackers in the Find My network.

‘Tracker Detect’ sends out a notification if an AirTag is within the vicinity and has been doing the same for over ten minutes. The user can then play a sound to disable the AirTag. Aside from that, details such as the AirTag serial number will be displayed as well.


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