Anker’s Foldable 747 150W USB-C GaN Charger is 25% Off

A portable all-in-one charger is not only useful for travelers but also for those who stay at home and need all their essential devices up and running all the time. Today, the Anker 150W 747 GaN Charger is down to just $82.49 from its original price of $110 on Amazon.

One look at the Anker 747 GaN charger and you’ll find it hard to believe that so much power can be had from a small accessory. However, the charger will prove itself to be the best go-to adapter to charge your MacBook Pro, iPhone, iPad, and more. You can use the 747 GaN charger to juice up to two laptops or four devices simultaneously with a max 100W.

Anker’s Foldable

The foldable aspect here is the two metal prongs that you connect to a wall outlet. When not in use and during storage, you can further minimize the footprint and keep the ends poking holes in your clothes or scratching your other devices. Buy the discounted Anker 747 USB-C charger today!