Why choose between charging stand and a wireless charging pad when you can get them both? Incredibly, you can save more by buying the bundle offered by Anker.

Anker's Stand and Charging Pad Bundle Now Just $24

The Anker PowerWave wireless charging pad and stand bundle is now down to just $23.99 from its original price of $35 on Amazon. You can get the $11 discount by using the coupon code ‘M252411D‘ at the checkout.

Both pad and stand generate up to 10W of fast charging power for Galaxy phones, while iPhone owners get a 5W boost. The devices are safe and has temperature control, over-voltage and foreign item detection technology. Moreover, you can charge horizontally or vertically while multi-tasking or depending on your preference.

The bundle includes a worry-free 18 month guarantee and customer service if you ever run into any trouble. The ability to charge without needing cables is a superb and convenient option.

Grab the Anker PowerWave bundle now before the deal expires!


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