Anti-Stalking feature in AirTag stops Dodge Charger theft

A Michigan native recently discovered a hidden AirTag on his Dodge Charger that could have led to the car being stolen.

John Nelson was notified of an unknown AirTag on his device, and when he checked it was behind his 2018 Scat Pack Charger’s drain cap. He then immediately removed the AirTag and notified local authorities regarding the incident.


Apple recently introduced the Tracker Detect app for Android phones so Android device users could get the same notifications. Previously, it was only viewable on iPhones.

The newly released anti-stalking feature has proved to be useful in deterring car thefts. There have been reports of AirTags being used to track down and steal valuable vehicles in Canada, Texas and other US cities.

AirTags are tracker devices that can be used to recover lost items. They’re small and make use of the Apple ‘Find My’ network. The Cupertino-based company recently outed a feature to prevent the device being used to stalk people.