Anti-Union discussions upheld at Apple Reston store

Apple Reston in Virginia continue to have anti-union discussions to prevent unionization from its store workers.

Apple is taking steps to stop unionization in its tracks by sending emails about it ‘not being the way forward’. The daily discussion is a must for all employees who report to work on that day. Store management say that ‘if you are having secret talks about things, it’s not a good thing to be doing’, according to reports.


Included in the email are negative connotations about collective bargaining and how it can make benefits and promotions ‘tougher’. Also, promotions will become a matter of seniority than merit or performance-based. 

Apple combated unionization efforts in the past at the same location. Apple Market Leaders visited the retail location in August and set Starbucks as an example of a unionization attempt gone wrong. In April, the company hired lawyers to try and bust up unions.