AnyList finds faults in Sign in with Apple service

Apple launched its secure “Login with Apple” feature to help enable users to sign up for services without sharing much of their details. While it has been hailed as an important feature in times when services take email IDs to spam users, the AnyList has reported that it will not support Apple’s login features and added that it has ten problems.

The app maker has reported that there are five problems with Sign in with Apple for users and five for developers. It started out by pointing there are issues with other quick login services offered by Google, Facebook, and more as well.

Sign in with Apple

AnyList added that Sign in with Apple uses the user’s iCloud email address and not Gmail which many people actually use for emails. As in situations where user’s need to reset their password or are waiting for a reply from the company, they will very likely check their Gmail account but not iCloud which not many people do, reports AnyList by painting an example scenario.

People don’t remember which login system they used to create their account. (“Hmm, I created this account a couple of years ago. Did I use my email address? Facebook account? Sign in with Apple?”) Simple questions like, “How do I reset my password?” no longer have simple answers and depend on which system you used to create your account, if you can remember. And if you get locked out of your account and used a third-party login system, we may not be able to help you ourselves and will instead have to direct you to another company, with all of the hassles that entails.

Many of those iCloud email addresses are unused and unchecked, because a customer’s “real” email account is their Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail account. If we try to contact a customer using their iCloud email address, they may never see our message […]

So people would ask for help, we’d reply, and they’d contact us again later, angry that we never replied. Our reply was going to their iCloud email account, but they didn’t see it because they only ever looked at their Gmail account, in the Gmail app.

If a customer contacts us asking for support, and we need to look up something in their account, typically we can just ask them for the email address on their account. But with “Hide My Email” that wouldn’t be easily possible, because the customer would have to figure out the email address used for their account.