Aperture Will No Longer Be Supported On Future macOS Platforms


Aperture, the longstanding photo editing software of Mac will no longer be supported after the macOS Mojave version.

Apple Aperture macOS

The decision was posted in Apple’s support page, with the company saying that it was due to technical reasons. In hindsight, the main components, libraries, architectures and file structures that Aperture relies on are no longer compatible with each progressive update in the operating system.

Diehard Aperture users can still use the program as long as they stay within the macOS Mojave, or be forced to learn newer editing software such as Capture One, Lightroom and mobile photography software.

Apple suggests Aperture users migrate their photo library to Lightroom Classic or Photos, which should be auto-updated as soon as you launch the app. You can also tap and hold the option key to start manually adding libraries. Afterwards, development for Aperture ceases when Apple starts encouraging Mac users to migrate to OS X.

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