App Clips brings new useful features to the iPhone

Apple introduced a new way to use apps for quick use like payment, renting cars, and more. In some situations, you quickly need to perform a task and for that special use-case, Apple is bringing “App Clips” – its implementation of Android’s Instant Apps but better.

With the growing number of apps being published on app stores. While a lot of people need to use a lot of apps, it gets cumbersome and cluttered to have so many many apps, especially for purposes that you may use once every few months or so.

App Clips brings new useful features to the iPhone

Apple’s App Tiles will work based on NFC or Apple’s custom QR codes. Businesses can use this facility to help simplify the processes which previously required full-fledged apps. For example, renting a bicycle, the business owner can place a NFC tag or a QR code which the user can quickly interact to skip the process of registration, payment and other requirements.

Apple Pay is one of the most useful features. By using App Clips, developers will be able to build new experiences which will simplify a lot of tasks. Registration and payment processes at businesses can be done in just one second with a single tap and authentication using FaceID or TouchID (or if possible using the good old PIN code. Yet to confirm).

Google already offers Instant Apps functionality on its Play Store. Users will be able to download a fraction of the app to try out the app without installing the whole app. While it’s good, it’s not very useful (at least for me). It’s totally possible that Google takes cues from Apple and improves its Instant Apps functionality in the near future.

App Clips is a feature of Apple’s upcoming iOS 14 operating system. iOS 14 is likely to release sometime in September alongside the next flagship iPhones.