App Store competitors blamed for India antitrust filing


Apple has recently moved a filing to stop an antitrust investigation and told regulators of India that business rivals were mainly responsible for the critiquing of App Store policies.

App Store

The Cupertino-based company sent the submission to the CCI, or Competition Commission in India in September. Apple mentioned that it wasn’t big enough to abuse market power and shoehorning developers to use the in-app payment mechanism in the App Store.

Reuters saw the filing which had Apple claiming an insignificant market share, at between 0 to 5 percent. In comparison, Google is seen as the dominant force, with more than 90 percent of smartphones being Android models.

Kyle Andeer, CCO mirrors the sentiment that Apple is ‘not dominant’ in India, and without dominance there is no potential for abuse.

A non-profit company called Together We Fight Society filed the original accusation, which Apple believes is a ‘proxy’ company by business rivals such as Spotify, Tile and Epic Games, among others.


Samantha Wiley

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