App Store earnings reach $100 billion in 2020

A Sensor Tower study reveals that Google Play Store and Apple App Store have reached a collective earnings of $100 billion for the year 2020.

Both platforms combined have reached $100 billion in November, with the number rising ever higher over the holidays. The study mentioned how consumers spent $406.7 million, representing a 34.5% year on year growth from $303 million the previous year.

About 4.5% of total spending in December was on Christmas day, with majority of the spend on mobile games this holiday season. Games enjoyed a 27% rise from $232.4 million to $295.6 million in a year-on-year comparison.

The game leader for spend was ‘Honor of Kings’ made by Tencent, at $10.7 million spend. In the app category, TikTok amassed $4.7 million.

Apple’s App Store enjoyed 68.4 percent of the total spend pie, which increased by 35.2 percent from the previous year. Google saw a $129 million revenue while Apple enjoyed a $278.6 million revenue.

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