App Store hosts cannabis delivery app

Eaze, the first cannabis delivery app is now on Apple’s App Store following policy changes within the platform.

Apple made several changes regarding its policy June 7, particularly what apps could do. One of the things was a loosening of restrictions on cannabis dispensaries, as well as legal and licensed pharmacies in allowed areas.

App Store

In the US, Eaze was the first app to offer cannabis delivery. The company offers products on its websites; however, apps are more convenient and transactions could be completed without having to go through the website.

The app provides order receipts, handles payments and includes ID verification and registration. Customers can also track their order and schedule on-demand delivery. Sales is restricted to individuals aged 21 and above, and multiple IDs are needed for purchase and delivery.

Eaze uses geofencing to verify and keep its services legal. Currently, it delivers to California but Michigan will be included this month.