App Store Japanese ad shows up in time for New Year


Apple has recently shared an ad video on its YouTube channel highlighting various App Store apps for connectivity, productivity, and gaming.

App Store

The 15-second video was taken from Apple in Japan and shows how people can get off to a running start in 2021. The animations coincide with Japan’s holiday, ‘Shogatsu’ observed from January 1 to January 3. Colorful graphics combine with pixel art and a dominant white and red colors make for an enjoyable watch.

During the holidays Apple typically offers a one-day New Year’s event in Japan, offering gift cards when people buy select Apple products. However, there hasn’t been any announcement for the event yet. This year, it was held in January 2 in Japan on the Apple Store app and Apple Stores.

The ad video is available to watch on Apple Japan’s official YouTube channel and is only 15 seconds long. The music that accompanied the video is titled, ‘The Moment’ and made by Ryohu.

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