Apple’s App Store dominated on Christmas day

On Christmas this year, the Apple ecosystem generated more revenue than Google’s counterpart. A report by SensorTower, a market intelligence firm, suggests that iPhone and iPad users spent more money on apps than that of Android users. 

Apple’s App Store recorded a 35.2% increase on the 2020 Christmas day in revenue generated compared to last year (2019). Both the App Store and the Google Play app stores recorded a revenue of $407.6 million. The revenue generated on both the platforms is 35.4% higher compared to last year’s revenue figures on Christmas day.

App Store

Similar to how Apple always takes the top spot in terms of revenue generated through the app store, this year too, the company took the top spot. The Cupertino based tech company Apple generated $278.6 million which is 68.4% of the total generated revenue of $407.6 million.

Users reportedly spent more on games than on any other category. The trend appears to be the same in the US and across the globe. According to the market intelligence firm SensorTower, users spent $295.6 million only on games across both iOS and Android platforms. The game Honor of Kings made by Tencent reportedly generated the most money globally. In the US, the most popular game was reportedly Roblox.

Entertainment apps also generated a decent amount of money. In the US, the subscription based video streaming service Disney+ recorded the most revenue with $2.6 million. On the other hand, TikTok took the top spot globally by generating $4.7 million on Christmas day.

Google reportedly generated $129 million in revenue on Christmas day which is a 33% increase over last year on the same day. The Android maker’s Google Play made 33% of the total revenue generated from apps (app stores) on Christmas day.