App Store rival Setapp moving closer to EU opening

Setapp, a software subscription service intends to challenge Apple’s App Store by launching its own alternative in the EU.

While Apple is believed to be preparing for the Digital Marketers Act in the EU, other companies are stepping in to introduce their own mobile app platform next year. Setapp has put together an idea that its storefront will open to EU users and recently opened a waitlist for those interested.


As Google and Apple are forced to allow other third-party platforms, Setapp is making the steps to ‘introduce its app store’ to EU users and ensure they can enjoy the brand’s collection of apps on the iPad and iPhone. The platform will be similar to the App Store in that there’s a curated collection of apps from lifestyle to productivity, which will include Setapp’s Mac-based services Soulver, NotePlan, Taskheat, and Ulysses, among others.

Epic Games, Microsoft, and others are making their own push towards an open app store when the EU rules go live.