App Store to experience price hike in Europe

Apple has sent a memo to developers about a price hike in the App Store in Europe and other regions.

The Cupertino-based company says that App Store costs will climb starting October 5 this year in countries that have euro as their currency. Furthermore, countries such as Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Poland, Sweden, Pakistan, Malaysia, Egypt and Chile will undergo the same.

App Store

The price hike in the App Store includes in-app purchases and the apps themselves, but not auto-renewable subscriptions.

The memo outlines extra details for the Vietnam region, citing that the fees will remit and collect applicable taxes (corporate income tax and value added tax) at 5 percent. On October 5, the Pricing and Availability section in My Apps will have been updated to reflect the new changes. Developers can change how much their in-app purchases and paid apps will be depending on what they want.

In similar news, Apple has sent a memo telling developers that they can advertise on new ad spaces in the App Store.