App Store unlisted apps now available via link


A new update in Apple’s developer website shows that unlisted apps can now be sent to interested individuals via a private link.

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Generally speaking, unlisted apps are for limited audiences, which may include business affiliates, partners and part-time employees. These apps may also be distributed to devices owned by employees.

Apple mentions that unlisted apps are for research studies, special events and specific organizations, and now developers can send the links by submitting a request, then waiting for the approval. Furthermore, the Cupertino-based company says that apps that are unfinished or in beta will not be eligible for distribution.

Unlisted apps may be subject to the same app review process as those listed in the App Store, or it may have a different guideline. Apple is less likely to intrude or impose guidelines on enterprise-level apps unless it has seen mass abuse.

Interested developers can submit their requests or read about the process on Apple’s official developer update website.

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