Apple 1 being auctioned for $600,000 in California

The original Apple Computer (aka Apple I) is in the news all the time, as people continue to show interest in the remaining working pieces left. The duo Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak released the machine to the market in 1975 (45 years earlier), it put the company in the limelight. Once again, one of the remaining working machines is being auctioned for $600,000 in the United States.

The wooden boxed computer is set to be auctioned in California. “About 200 of these were built and 175 were sold, and most of them were purchased by hobbyists,” said Steve Siedschlag, Chaffey Computer Information Systems Professor. The internals of the Apple 1 were housed in a Koa wood case. 

Apple-I Computer

Accessories to go with the Apple I

The Apple 1 being auctioned comes with a 1986 Panasonic monitor. To make the deal sweeter, a photocopy (Xerox copy) of the manual and software cassette tapes are part of the auction deal. People who like to collect tech products of the old times would absolutely love to grab this deal. 

Apple 1 being auctioned for $600,000 in California
Apple 1 being auctioned for $600,000 in California

“There’s been discussions about everything from making wise investments to sports cars, which I think we can all relate to if we had the luck of hanging on to something in our garage for 40 years that became a potentially half a million dollar object,” said department manager of trusts and estates Noelle Valentino.

After the success of the Apple 1, the co-founders Jobs and Wozniak went onto release the Apple II (aka Apple 2) in 1977 which was a huge success. The Apple 2 was sold for several years making it one of the most profitable products of the company back in the day. It is believed that the development of the Macintosh project and the Lisa project was bankrolled by the continued sales of the Apple II for years.