Apple-1 computer listed for $1.75 million

The Apple 1 computer built by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple hit the stores in 1976 for $666. As products age, their value increases and that has been the case with Apple products for a long time now. However, the Apple-1 resale value never crossed the $1 million mark. The highest value a seller could get for the old machine till date has been $815,000 for the preproduction model.

The case appears to be changing, an Ebay seller has listed his Apple-1 for $1.75 million, making it the most expensive listed Apple machine. The seller says that the machine is “almost perfect condition” and adds that he is only the second owner of product since 1978.

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Apple-1 computer listed for $1.75 million


  • Fully Functional Working Condition
  • Original Byte Shop Wood Case
  • Not a replica
  • Museums/Collectors/Enthusiast have all been waiting for this to be for sale

The machine has reportedly been verified by Corey Cohen, the Apple-1 expert. The seller has also mentioned on the Ebay listing that the machine is one of the six remaining Apple-1 machines with the custom “Byte Shop” woodcase.

This is truly a first for eBay.  This is a verified fully operational original Apple-1 computer system in excellent condition in its original Byte Shop KOA wood case, with original power supply and Datanetics Version D keyboard. This Apple-1 is an unmodified NTI board in almost perfect condition on both (the) front and back of the main board where you can see there have been no modifications or repairs. 

Apple-1 computer listed for $1.75 million

This system was verified as original by Apple-1 expert Corey Cohen as recently as August 2019 at the Vintage Computer Festival West where it was one of two continually operated units during the show with over 6 hours each day of full operation.  A period Sony TV-115, as recommended by Steve Jobs, with video modulator is included. A Certificate of Authenticity by Achim Baque, owner of the Apple-1 Registry, is included in sale and viewable upon request. Please visit the official Apple-1 Registry ( [link removed by eBay]) for further details and authenticity of this rare item.