Apple acknowledges iOS 16 new device activation issue

Apple has posted a memo that acknowledges the widespread issue new iPhone users encounter when activating their smartphones for the first time.

On iOS 16, device activation may be affected on devices that connect to Wi-Fi networks. The Cupertino-based company says that the problem is ‘under investigation’ and promised a fix or update to resolve the issue soon.

iOS 16

In the meantime, Apple recommends choosing the option ‘Connect to Mac or to a PC with iTunes’ in the initial onboarding process and when prompted at the wi-fi connect screen. Afterwards, users are advised to go back and connect through wi-fi until the procedure goes through.

Currently, there is no official fix, and support staff are told not to create a repair case for this particular concern. iPhone 14 owners may encounter this- in an attempted fix, it’s recommended that an update via PC or Mac to iOS 16.0.1 is needed to circumvent the bug.