Apple Acquires Rights on ‘A Christmas Carol’


Apple has recently inked a deal for ‘A Christmas Carol’, a musical that features Hollywood stars Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.

Apple Acquires Rights on 'A Christmas Carol'

The Cupertino-based firm won the bidding war for the live action movie against competitors Warner Bros., Paramount Pictures and Netflix. It was rumored that the offer Apple gave was more lavish than the others. Furthermore, it was believed that Reynolds asked for $35 million for producing and acting services, while Ferrell asked for $25 million.

Writer and directors John Morris and Sean Anders are to receive $15 million and $10 million, respectively for overseeing the production.

The film makers wanted to retain the music rights, and asked if the copyright of the movie will be returned after 20 or 25 years, but there hasn’t been any conclusive answers so far.

The musical will be added to the roster of films on Apple TV+ and may appear in theaters before that. As of the moment, there’s no exact release date on ‘A Christmas Carol’.


Samantha Wiley

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