Apple Ad ‘Jump’ features noise cancelling and snug fit of the AirPods Pro

Apple has recently released a video advertisement titled ‘Jump’, which highlights the AirPods Pro’s noise cancelling and snug fit.

‘Jump’ follows an AirPods Pro user as he navigates around town. It starts when he wears the AirPods Pro and listens to music. At one point the person enables and disables Active Noise Cancelling to immerse himself in the music or to hear what’s happening around him. The man also begins interacting with his environment, jumping ropes with other people from material such as painted road signs or neon tubing, among others.

AirPods Pro

Aside from ANC technology the AirPods Pro manages to stay on the man’s ears the whole time, even as he somersaults, jumps and does frenetic activity.

‘Jump’ was released as news regarding the non-release of the AirPods 3 broke out. The video has accompanying music by Young Franco’s ‘Fallin’ Apart’, featuring Denzel Curry and Pell.

‘Jump’ is now on Apple’s official YouTube channel and is less than 2 minutes in length.