The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple will be expecting production issues for its upcoming mixed reality headset.

Reality Headset

Apple won’t be ready to mass produce the Apple headset until September, according to WSJ. The delay is apparently due to manufacturing issues, although it wasn’t implied by the publication. The team working behind the hardware wanted to ship the device over the last few years but ran into serious problems, including ‘software and hardware coordination’ in order to make it run properly.

With the expected headset problems, Apple is adamant about making the product a scarce commodity. 2023 forecasts in shipment say that the range will be around 200,000 to 300,000, and less if the issues present themselves early.

The Apple mixed reality headset is expected to be announced at this year’s WWDC, with a shipment date to the public taking several months after. Rumors suggested that the device will have a $3,000 price tag.


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