Apple adds a free tier for its developer program

The Apple developer program was recently updated to have a free tier.

Before, the only way to access developer betas was to sign up for a developer account or to wait until July for publicly-released software. This year, Apple is opting to let people try out its beta software for free. The free tier offers access to developer OS beta software, Feedback Assistant bug reporting, Developer Forums, on-device testing, Xcode betas and tools.


Though Apple has not made any announcements, the free tier is available now. To get more features, users will have to pay $99 annually, and this adds App Store app distribution and code building. The Cupertino-based company’s public beta program is still online- the platform has a day or two delay after the developer beta gets released.

Public beta versions are much more stable than developer betas, but they are not recommended for primary devices due to possible system failure and data loss.