Apple aiming for enhanced AR experiences in new patent

Apple, in its work to bring Apple AR and the yet-to-be-announced Apple Glass is looking to bring a higher experience to the table, notably later viewing and being able to edit and record content, among others.

The Cupertino-based company has experimented with AR recording and making it viewable on a 2D device, like the iPad. Currently, Apple is finding ways to record audio and has recently achieved editing VR content in Final Cut Pro.

The patent application also made mention of ‘Computer generated Reality Recorder’ and outlines the challenges of recording 360-degree VR and AR experiences. It also noted how AR could help the user keep track of the elements he or she is interested in and capturing that content. Lastly, the patent discusses how sensitive objects could be hidden while recording in AR mode.

The patent’s inventors, Maneli Noorkami and Ranjit Desai were mentioned in the submission. Also, the name Joel Kerr was included in the credits.

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