Apple aims for transparency with data and geofence warrant reports

Apple recently published a report detailing the number of requests for geofence warrants and data from the government.

The disclosure’s aim is to provide greater transparency and highlight Apple’s approach to the requests and commitment to customer privacy. From January to June 2022 the most common requests come from law enforcement agencies assisting customers on stolen and lost devices, as well as police asking for data to investigate fraud instances.


In Asia Pacific, 83% were for data requests, while India, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe totaled 70%. The US had 82% of data requests while Latin America had 89%. Globally, Apple received nearly 6,000 requests for financial identifier information to cover credit card fraud, with 57% of the requests getting granted.

As for geofence warrants, Apple responded that the company does not have the data to fulfill the requests. As such, all the requests have been denied.