Apple aims to convert users with new ‘Why Mac’ page


Apple has created a new page, titled ‘Why Mac’ and hopes to convert users to its computer by highlighting the Mac’s features.

Why Mac

The new webpage helps visitors get to know all the advantages of using macOS, especially its ease of use and for those who already own an iPad or iPhone. Here, continuity features such as the Universal Clipboard, Sidecar, AirDrop and Handoff are highlighted, with Apple saying that the Mac is ‘never intimidating’ and ‘intuitive’.

Apple also mentioned how Apple Support is always available via in-store appointment, phone call or online chat, and how Migration Assistant can help transfer user accounts or settings automatically.

The page naturally ends with a call to action and lays out the available Macs visitors can purchase, including the Mac mini, 27 inch iMac, 24 inch iMac, the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air.

Those who are curious to buy a Mac or try the macOS can head to the official ‘Why Mac’ page.

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