Apple AirPods are now on sale with a sweet deal

Good news for those who haven’t gotten the AirPods Pro, or an AirPods up until now. The Apple AirPods latest model with charging case is down to just $129 from its usual price of $169. That’s a huge $30 discount on one of Apple’s best-selling products right now.


If you own an iPhone, then you’ve got to have the AirPods. Once you uncover the case the wireless earbuds automatically pair and connect with your device. Intuitive controls allow you to talk to Siri or tap to either skip or play music. The new H1 chip makes connecting fast and easy. The charging case allows for all-day playback so you won’t get interrupted.

Apple AirPods Drops to Lowest Price Ever

AirPods’ audio quality is unmatched, and Apple’s branding is undeniably chic. If you’re to get a wireless earphone and you’re a diehard Apple fan then this is definitely the one to get. Don’t miss the $30 off chance and buy it today!