Apple AirTag instrumental in Turkey relief donation scam

Apple’s tracking device has uncovered a scam where donated items were resold in the market in Mexico.

In February, AirTags were used to reveal a similar case where donated sneakers to be recycled were exported and resold. Now in Mexico, the same thing has occurred but in Mexico. Earthquake relief donations were mishandled and instead resold in the market. Pamela Cerdeira, a journalist, had tried to see where her donated goods will be sent, attaching an AirTag on a toilet roll and rice and monitoring where they went through the Find My app.


The two items never left the country and were sent to two markets within the city. A video of the situation had been uploaded to the journalist’s official YouTube channel, titled ‘Los viveres que nunca llegaron a Turquia’, or translated as ‘The Business of Tragedy: the groceries that never reached Turkey.’

Mexican officials deny that they were not involved in the reselling of the goods, and offered to help investigate the matter.