Apple AirTag leather loop drops to just $33


After buying an Apple AirTag you’ll soon realize that you need an accessory for it. Today, the official Leather Loop for the AirTag drops to just $32.96 from its original price of $38 on Amazon.

Apple AirTag Leather Loop

A leather loop complements your AirTags well and gives it added style as well as functionality. Now, you can easily affix your AirTags to your keys, backpack and more in just a few seconds. You can choose from several colors to match the shade of your outfit.

The material is made from specially tanned European leather, which stays elegant even after years have passed. Because it’s specifically made for the Apple AirTag you won’t have to worry about fit- the leather will keep your item tracker secure and safe from scratches and bumps.

Apple’s official accessories are good to buy and they match the Apple products well. If you have $33 to spare, don’t hesitate and save $5 on the AirTag Leather Loop today!

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