Apple AirTags get new firmware update


Apple has released a new firmware update for its tracking device.


The new firmware has a 1A301 build number, with the previous one being 1A291. As is the usual case, Apple has not provided any patch or update notes on what it brings, but it’s believed that it covers stability and performance improvements, as well as bug fixes.

AirTag owners can get the new firmware by placing their trackers within a distance of their iPhones and while connected to the internet. To check the current AirTag version you can go to the Find My app, then through the settings and devices.

The firmware update is being released on a rolling aspect, which means every AirTag owner will eventually get it. It’s expected that the new firmware will appear on every tracker by May 13.  The reason for the timed release is that Apple wants to make sure the update is working as intended before it could be made fully available to the public.

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