Apple analyst claims Apple VR/AR headset could launch next year


Ming Chi Kuo, Apple analyst has mentioned that Apple’s long-awaited VR and AR headset might be launching in Q4 2022.

Apple VR/AR Headset

Users could get their Apple headset in 2022, with Kuo saying that the launch date has been moved from Q2 to Q4 due to delays in mass production. Apple might be highlighting the new Apple device during its WWDC event in June to have developers make apps for it.

The Apple headset device is rumored to work in both AR and VR mode, with applications on communication, media and gaming. It’s said to replace the iPhone and have its own operating system and App Store.

Hardware-wise, the headset is rumored to have 4K micro LEDs on both eyes, eye tracking, object tracking, hand gesture controls, WiFi 6 connectivity, 15 optical modules and a lightweight design. The price is yet to be determined; however, reports are circulating online that it could cost somewhere around $3,000.


Samantha Wiley

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