Apple and Google told to stop data collection on possible abortion seekers


Lawmakers in the US have requested tech giants Apple and Google to prevent data leaks on individuals who might be seeking abortions.

Apple and Google Told to Stop Data Collection

US senators have sent letters to both Sundar Pichai and Tim Cook, respective CEOs of Google and Apple expressing their concern on how data such as location, online activity, biometrics and health could be used to seek out those who are planning to get an abortion. A significant number of apps collect data and sell it to brokers, which could be then sold to ‘vigilantes’ or anti-abortion prosecutors. In Texas, the state is planning to provide a bounty to those who report individuals who plan on having an abortion.

The letter asks Google and Apple to update their data distribution and usage policies to protect women’s safety in this regard. It was signed by five senators, namely Vermont independent senator Bernie Sanders, Oregon senator Ron Wyden, New Jersey senator Cory Booker and Massachusetts senators Elizabeth Warren and Edward Markey.

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