Apple and Meta compete in the metaverse in 2022

Loup Ventures reports that two tech giants, namely Apple and Meta are set to take the metaverse by storm in 2022.

Metaverse is a buzzword that describes the connection in 2D or 3D virtual worlds. Meta is setting up to be at the forefront, but Apple is at a position to take the top spot with its brand and products.


Analyst Gene Munster said that this year, the prediction is such that Meta and Apple will be dueling in terms of taking the number 1 tech stock. He mentioned that Apple will produce a prototype that will address the metaverse, with MR or AR glasses a logical contribution. He also said that an MR headset might be making a preview at WWDC 2022.

Munster also believes that the metaverse will be dominated by 2D at first, and then 3D as hardware develops. Facebook and Apple will be in a ‘race to build comfortable and affordable headsets’ where users can explore the metaverse.