Apple and Skydance Animation agree to Apple TV+ deal

Apple has recently secured streaming rights to several Skydance Animation IPs, notably a series called ‘The Search for WondLa’ and films ‘Spellbound’ and ‘Luck’.

‘The Search for WondLa’ is an animated series based on Tony DiTerlizzi’s books. In heading to Apple TV+ Gotham Group, DiTerlizzi and Chad Quant will serve as the executive producers while Lauren Montgomery will be the showrunner, writer and executive producer.

Apple TV+

‘Spellbound’ is a musical fantasy with a magic-laden background that tells the story of a girl who seeks to break the spell that’s split her kingdom. ‘Luck’ tells the story of the world’s unluckiest girl who discovered the ‘never before seen world of good and bad luck’. Both will be joining the animated series’ ‘Central Park’ and ‘Wolfwalkers’, which are available to watch on Apple TV+.

‘Spellbound’ and ‘Luck’ was initially slated to appear at Paramount but Skydance decided to go with Apple due to contractual rights.