Apple announces ‘Peek Performance’ event via AR portal


Apple invites users and enthusiasts to attend its ‘Peek Performance’ event, which is scheduled to go live on March 8.

Peek Performance

The digital invitation includes an AR portal that features a pulsing Apple logo in different colors. Users can tap the portal on their iPad or iPhone devices to enter AR mode, while on Mac computers users should download it and view the file in Quick Look.

The AR logo can be viewed at a 360 degrees or be made small or large with pinch gestures. Viewers can also ‘walk in’ and see the individual colored lines to a degree.

The AR object is the latest Apple project that the Cupertino-based company uses to announce important events. In 2021, similar invitations were sent for ‘Warp Speed’ and ‘California Streaming’.

Those interested can mark their calendars to March 8 at 1PM Eastern Time and wait for the digital-only event to begin. It’s rumored that the event will announce a new iMac, mac mini and the 3rd generation iPhone SE.

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