Apple’s app accelerator in India is pushing growth

Apple set-up its app accelerator in the city of Bengaluru – the tech hub of India – in 2017. It now serves as an important resource hub for all the developers who create apps and services for the Apple platforms. It is very important for the company to tap into the large population of India which still remains attracted to Android and Windows ecosystems because of their affordable prices. 

The Cupertino based iPhone maker has been working on improving its operations in India by investing heavily into assembly of its products in the country. As a result, the company receives benefits from the Indian government for locally producing its products. However, the company needs to go further than just producing its phones in the country, it needs to make many of its services available in India and also customize them to meet the market requirements of the country.    

Turning ideas into realities with some help

“The current crop of developers are so keen to take an idea and turn it into an incredibly successful app. In the past, I would come across developers who are kind of looking at a pot of gold down the road and trying to figure out products that will actually make them successful,” said Apple’s senior director of worldwide developer relations Eshwar Vangala. “People are looking to give birth to an idea they’re looking at actually giving their idea wings to fly.”

Apple’s app accelerator in India is pushing growth

The hub in Bengaluru for developers is the key to making Apple more viable in India. The app accelerator allows developers to create apps for use in the country or even for the whole world. Nonetheless, by creating new apps to be used in India, the iPhone maker could largely benefit as there would be a growing interest in its hardware which can run such apps and services.

In 2020, Apple reported that there were at-least 900,000 jobs related to iOS development in India.

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