Apple admits to downplaying competing apps on the App Store

In 2019, it was reported by The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times that Apple was “consistently” ranking its own apps higher than the similar offerings by its competition. However, the iPhone maker declined to accept that such a practice was going on in the company – it claimed that it had done nothing wrong.

Fast forwards two years and it is out in the open that Apple did indeed boost its own apps in the App Store search results. The company is entangled in a legal battle with the games maker Epic Games. During the Epic vs Apple trial, old emails were presented and they clearly showed conversations between Apple employees about boosting its own apps on the App Store.

Apple admits to downplaying competing apps on the App Store

Has since then removed the booster

Apple had reportedly made changes on the App Store to show its Files app at the top in the App Store search results. Even when users would search for “Dropbox” (another files managing app), the Files app by Apple would show up at the top. To even more surprise, a search query for “Dropbox” would not have the Dropbox app on the first search results page.

It was Epic games CEO Tim Sweeney who first reported the issue to Apple by writing an email in 2018. However, Apple has since then removed the booster techniques from the App Store. “We are removing the manual boost and the search results should be more relevant now,” wrote Apple’s app search lead Debankur Naskar.

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