Apple AR headset and Car delays expected

A new report has surfaced, saying that the Apple Car and AR headset launch might have delays between announcement and product launch.

Apple typically has a short time window between Apple product announcements and launch, but the same cannot be said of the upcoming AR headset and Apple Car. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that the design for both are ‘expensive to build’ and ‘complex’, and requires collaboration between the Cupertino-based company and governments, as well as manufacturers.

Gurman mentioned that while the process takes time, leaks about the products are unavoidable and spoils the surprise.

Aside from that, it’s believed that Apple will need to build up hype and publicity to generate interest and gain support from developers. To this end, it’s rumored that Apple will make the announcement during its WWDC event next year to allow time for developing apps.

Analysts say that the Apple Car will be launched in 2025, with an electric vehicle partnership completed in 2022.

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