Mark Gurman of Bloomberg recently revealed in his ‘Power On’ newsletter that Apple’s upcoming mixed reality headset will have broad use applications, particularly communication, media consumption and gaming.

Apple AR Headset

Fellow analyst Ming Chi Kuo stated that Apple wants the upcoming product to replace the iPhone as it launches. Gurman however, noted that the first-gen AR device won’t be able to replace the iPad, iPhone or Mac right from the get-go.

Instead, Gurman believes that the headset will have three ‘killer’ features, notably communication, gaming and media consumption. In terms of technology, the analyst mentions that it will have a high-resolution display, a fan and multiple processors, as well as an App Store.

Specifications about Apple AR hardware include optical modules, see-through mode, wifi 6, eye-tracking and 4K micro-LED displays, among others. Morgan Stanley analysts say that the mixed reality device is nearing product launch, and that mass manufacturing is set to begin during Q2 of 2022.


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