Apple is reportedly researching on how to make virtual objects feel more realistic in use. The company has been rumoured to be working on a pair of augmented reality (AR) glasses for sometime now. The plan to make virtual objects feel natural in the world of AR is crucial to make people actually use the device without any complaints.

Apple AR Glasses

Last year, the iPad Pro received a new LiDAR sensor which Apple claimed that will help improve AR experiences. By using such sensors, the company is able to understand and process more data. It would have been slightly difficult without the use of a LiDAR sensor.

No gaps between the two worlds

Apple has filed three new patents which detail its plans to make AR feel more like the real world instead of something unrealistic. The patents concentrate on fixing the issues faced currently in combining the real world with the augmented world.

“Challenges can arise in providing satisfactory optical systems for merging real-world and display content,” reads the patent filed by Apple. “If care is not taken, issues may arise with optical quality and other performance characteristics.”

Apple files augmented reality tech patents – could be Apple Glass
Augmented Reality glasses concept

The patent also details that there is a requirement to make sure that the augmented items are at the same pace as real world items. It means to say that there should be no lag between the real world and augmented world frames. Everything should just work, as Apple has always touted its products to be.

“The optical system may use time interleaving techniques and/or polarization effects to merge real-world and display images,” continues the patent. “Switchable devices such as polarization switches and tunable lenses may be controlled in synchronization with frames of display images.”

To make all the above mentioned plans possible, the upcoming Apple Glass could have LiDAR sensors and various three dimensional sensors.


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