Apple AR/VR headset to launch next year, reports Kuo

Apple is working on a VR/AR headset and the noted Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities reports that the product will release sometime next year. Previously, another report had suggested a 2023 release for the same product, however the newer report suggests a much earlier release. Specifically, Kuo says that the headset should be released sometime in the mid of 2022.

The other point that Kuo notes is the price of the Apple AR/VR headset. It was previously reported that the price of the headset would be around $3,000 but according to Kuo, it will cost $1,000. The price suggested by the new report is much lower compared to the originally reported price. 

Could release two variants – eventually

It was reported that the $3,000 Apple AR/VR headset would have some very advanced features. Apple could release multiple products to spread out evenly – a standard basic AR/VR headset and a “Pro” version of the same with a slightly higher price tag. However, it’s unlikely that any of the versions will be priced at $3,000 – it’s just too high.

Oculus VR Headset
Oculus VR Headset

The prototypes of Apple’s AR/VR headset being tested reportedly weigh around 200-300 grams. Nonetheless, it is being reported that the company wishes to reduce the weight down to 100-200g, to make it comfortable to wear. In the current market, Oculus Quest 2 weighs around 500g whereas the high end Vive Cosmos Elite weighs around 650g. If Apple is able to make a 100-200g headset, it would be a game changer in terms of comfort levels.

The Apple made AR/VR headset will reportedly use a micro-LED display manufactured by Sony. The display will work as both AR and VR headset – it will have a “see-through” mode to enable augmented reality (AR) functionality and an opaque mode for virtual reality (VR) functionality.

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