Apple patent reveals details about AR/VR headset

It is not fresh news that Apple is building several augmented reality headsets which are set to release in the upcoming years. The company CEO Tim Cook has talked about his love for AR at several occasions which further strengthens the rumours that an Apple-made AR headset is coming soon. The iPhone maker has never confirmed the existence of such a development project but it does not require a confirmation, the CEO himself has confirmed the existence without actually confirming.

In a new, Apple has filed a patent related to augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) which is titled ‘Moving about a Setting’. The patent details the company’s plan to remove the jittery movement of visuals when switching from one scene to another in AR/VR experiences. While there are certain AR and VR headsets that work impressively well, they are still not as smooth as real-life experiences.

Apple patent reveals details about AR/VR headset

Simple and effortless working of virtual world

“As CSR [computer simulated reality] applications become more ubiquitous, there is need for techniques for quickly and efficiently moving about CSR settings,” reads the patent filed by Apple. “For example, a user immersed in a virtual reality setting (e.g., a house) may wish to move to a different portion of the setting or to a different virtual setting altogether (e.g., an underwater setting).”

Apple Insider notes the early days of films in the 19th century when filmgoers struggled to understand the scene switching in movies. It took some time for the understanding to become a natural understanding and in the current generation, people do not struggle to understand movies. However, AR/VR is still in its baby phase and the technology requires polishing before it can be used without any effort.

The company, Apple, founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak is known for being late to the party but is also known for releasing diamond perfect experiences which are simple and easy to use.