Apple Arcade Oregon Trail game comes with Health app integration


The Oregon Trail game in Apple Arcade has been updated with a Health app experience that coincides with its title name.

Apple Arcade

Those interested can ‘walk’ the Oregon Trail and use Health app data to do so. In line with the experience a new Apple Watch app has been added to provide a trail experience on their wrists. Once the Apple Watch is synced to the game, users can walk the 2,000 mile journey that covers Fort Hall, Fort Laramie and Fort Kearney on the way to Oregon City.

Gameloft, the developer of Oregon Trail mentioned that users can visit 64 locations and five journey legs, alongside pony express stations, forts and river crossings. The whole journey is expected to take more than a year if the user will take 10K steps daily. The app provides interesting environmental changes, progress data and statistics, and in-game rewards, avatar customization and daily summaries as well.

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