Apple Arcade to Get ‘Lego Star Wars Battles’ soon

A new addition is set to arrive on Apple’s paid game service. ‘Lego Star Wars Battles’ is a strategy game heading to Apple Arcade, replete with iconic characters and locations straight from the Star Wars franchise.

The game developer, TT Games has not set an exact release date yet. In ‘Lego Star Wars Battles’, players can create their own dark and light side armies and upgrade troops, vehicles and characters as they wish. There’s also a PVP element and multiplayer matches as the central part of gameplay.

Lego Star Wars Battles

Those who are interested can go to Apple Arcade and tap on the ‘Get’ icon, which auto-downloads the game when it goes live on the platform. There are already several Lego games in Apple Arcade, namely Lego: Builder’s Journey and ‘Lego Brawls’, but it’s the first Star Wars franchise to appear on the platform.

Apple Arcade is a paid subscription service that costs $4.99 a month.