Foxconn has pledged to cut its carbon emission down by 21 percent in line with Earth Day.

Apple Assembly Partner Foxconn

The Apple assembly partner announced several green initiatives for a greener future. In the statement, Foxconn mentioned several milestones as well as the goal to have net-zero emissions in the year 2050.

Nikkei Asia reports that the organization intends to reduce emissions by 21% from data collected last year. By the year 2035 Foxconn says that it intends to cut emissions by 63%, which will be the halfway point for its zero-emission goal.

For energy usage Foxconn intends to acquire half its energy requirement from sustainable sources in 2030. Solar panel solutions are already on the table, as well as improving equipment efficiency. Furthermore, the company says that it will be recycling 60% of its plastics used as a minimum.

Foxconn is among Apple partners that aim to become greener and is spearheaded by Apple’s goal to have total carbon neutrality by the year 2030.


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