Apple auction items sell for significant figures

As part of the RR Auction’s ‘Apple, Jobs and Computer Hardware’ event, an original and sealed iPhone was recently sold for a whopping $35,000.

It was the same auction that had a prototype Apple-1 board, which is believed to have been owned by the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs, sell for $677k. There was also an old Apple check signed by Jobs, which fetched an amazing $55k in a June auction.

Apple Auction

Apple gear commands high value in auction events. Before, a Pixar business card hand-annotated by Jobs went for $13k, while a Jobs-autographed note sold for $124k. Other items include an unopened 1st generation iPod that sold for $25k.

There has been a stir in regards to the history of the said Apple-1 board that sold for $677k. However, its authenticity was vouched for by the event organizers as the one that Jobs demoed to Paul Terrell, owner of The Byte Shop.