Apple to construct a 192-room hotel at its Austin campus

Apple is building a $1 billion campus in Austin. It is expected to house around 5,000 employees initially which could however increase to accommodate 15,000 employees (massive campus).

However, Apple appears to have been rethinking some of the plans associated with building its Austin campus. According to culturemap, the company is planning to add a “192 rooms” hotel to its Austin project.

Apple to construct a 192-room hotel at its Austin campus

Culturemap adds that the initial plan did not include a hotel of any sorts. However, the new plan shows off a 192-room hotel which will be on the campus. The report goes on to add that the plan has been approved by the city of Austin. The 192-room hotel will be built as a six storey building with a 75,500 square feet of area.

“Apple is a trendsetter in so many ways. Its proposed hotel as part of its new Austin campus is another example of it being ahead of the curve,” says John Boyd Jr., principal of Princeton, New Jersey-based corporate location consulting firm The Boyd Co. Inc. (information reported by culturemap)

Culturemap adds,“having a hotel connected at the hip with its corporate parent is not common now, but in the post-COVID-19 corporate travel world, I expect we will be seeing more of this concept, especially from deep-pocketed tech firms like Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.”

The report also adds that the size of the Austin campus will be almost half of the Pentagon and it will open sometime in 2022.

In all, Apple’s second Austin campus will contain structures totaling 3 million square feet, with about 2 million square feet devoted to office space. By comparison, the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia —headquarters of the U.S. Department of Defense — encompasses 6.6 million square feet of floor space, making it one of the world’s largest office buildings.