Apple Australia adds 7-Day AppleCare+ for new devices

Apple has added a free, 7 day complimentary AppleCare+ coverage for its customers in the Australian region.

This move was apparently in response to Australia’s new consumer laws. Buyers of new Apple devices will receive the coverage before they are able to get the full policy. Configuration has also changed- in the US, Apple prompts new iPhone users to buy AppleCare+ coverage simultaneously, while in Australia the option has been removed and replaced with ‘7-Day Complimentary AppleCare+ Included..

The recent change affects all Apple product sales, including the Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch in Australia. The Cupertino-based company has updated its website to reflect this as well.

Within 60 days of purchase, users can get the policy through several ways, including calling a hotline, going to an Apple Store, on Apple Australia’s official website or on their devices’ Settings app. Some of the methods will require proof of purchase, remote diagnostic, or a serial number verification.

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