Winners of the recently concluded Swift Student Challenge took to social media to show off their prizes.

Apple Swag and AirPods Pro

Swift Student Challenge is an annual coding contest where developers can showcase their talent by making a Swift playground. Apple reviews the entries and selects winners, who will then receive perks and gifts.

Some of the winning participants have already received their prizes and went on Twitter to show them off. The Swift Student Challenge ‘swag’ consisted of an AirPods Pro, a WWDC 2022 sweatshirt, stickers, an Apple beanie and a 1 year Apple Developer Program membership. A card is also included to congratulate the winners.

The card states that the recipient is a WWDC 2022 Swift Challenge winner and that their coding skills passed with ‘flying colors’. It serves somewhat as a prerequisite for the annual event, the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, which will go live June 6 at 10am Pacific Time.

iLounge author Lucy Bennett

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