Apple Bagdat Caddesi opens in Istanbul

Apple Bagdat Caddesi has officially opened,  with photos of its first customers and staff being shared on the internet.

Apple’s newest store in Istanbul is the third in Turkey after the locations in Akasya Mall and Zorlu Mall. On its opening day the store served a limited number of people due to health reasons, but there are plans of a Today at Apple session, and a Genius Bar is in the works.

Apple Bagdat Caddesi

Apple Bagdat Caddesi will have a special project, titled ‘Perspective Istanbul’ headed by twenty local artists for an Apple AR experience, replete with a virtual gallery and more.

Before it opened, the store’s front was turned into a multi-storey mural by Murat Palta, a Turkish artist. The creation is now uploaded on the store’s website and is available to download.

Those who are interested can take a look at Apple’s official website to see the store’s opening photos or visit the store during its operating hours.

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